Hip Hop lessons

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Fun and challenging Hip Hop classes

At Lily’s Dance Studio, we take all styles of dance seriously. We offer high energy Hip Hop classes, taught by industry professionals with valued experience in the style. They collectively have over 20 years of experience, have been trained extensively in a formal dance setting, and have performed with numerous celebrities and dance professionals. You can view their qualifications at the bottom of this page. This amount of experience allows us to give your child the attention, professionalism, and knowledge that they deserve when learning a new craft.
Hip hop lessons require high energy and high concentration, making this the perfect pass-time for children and adults who need somewhere to positively focus their high energy level. This style of dance focuses on crisp, energetic, and refreshing choreography. Usually, our instructors will teach the student each move in “counts”, and then progressively have them perform it more quickly as they become familiar with the material. This ensures that the child will retain the steps and have fun while learning, rather than becoming stressed out by the quick pace of the hip hop classes.
Our hip hop classes also focus on improvement of memory in regards to choreography, flexibility, transitions, and the ability to adapt to new styles of dance with the correct motivation. We hope to provide only the best and most professional atmosphere as the child, young adult, or advanced dancer engages in the lively and fun world of hip hop dancing.
Our hip hop lessons range from junior beginners to advanced adults and can be enjoyed by inquiring about Hip Hop Melbourne at our Glenroy dance studio location. We encourage these classes for boys and girls and hope to promote fitness, high energy, overall good health, and having fun! Call us today to begin this expressive dance style and get fit!