Tap Lessons

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Tap dance classes

At Lilys Dance Studios, tap dance students at our dance school are taught the Austrailian Teachers of Dance tap syllibus.
The ATOD syllibus offers
- An outstanding system of training.
- Technically based yet innovative and exciting.
- A diverse range of styles are encompassed.
- A focus on development and continuity throughout the levels.
- Fosters the use of the head, arms, corner and travelling steps to provide a strong foundation for performance work.
- Exciting and challenging combinations in various tempos, styles and ages.
- Nationally Recognised Teaching Qualifications available.
Source: www.atod.net.au
Tap classes are held at our Coburg dance studios in Melbourne.

If your child continues to participate in all Tap lessons throughout the year, he or she will get the opportunity to perform at the end of year performances at the Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds. Your child will also receive an award on Presentation Day if he or she performs at the theatre.
Tap dance classes are held at our Coburg dance studios in Melbourne. All staff are fully qualified have working with children checks and practise safe dance techniques in a safe non-competitve environment.
Our Tap dance class is recomended for children of all ages over 5 years.